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Talc (vacuum planters)

Talc is recommended by all vacuum planter manufacturers because it helps the corn planter perform for you. Our talc comes from the same processor as OEM talc and meets the same exacting specifications as the talc you buy at your dealership. But because our talc is available in large quantities, you save time (especially with central-fill planters–including the world's largest) and reduce under-lubricating errors. Additionally, TalcFarm talc offers you the same profit-growing advantages of OEM talc, but lets you keep 60% or more of your dollars right from the get-go.

Usage: Agronomists recommend starting with 1/2 cup of talc per unit of treated seed when used in a vacuum or air plantar, In our own planters, we use 1/2 cup per unit. This is more than you may have used in the past, but our pricing will let you use as much talc as it takes to get a good stand with today's seed treatments. TalcFarm talc is available in 50# bags and 25# EZ-Stor pails.